The Master Plan

Making money online is a phenomenon of the past 2 decades that only seriously took off in the past 10 years, accelerating rapidly to the multi billion Dollar industry it is today. You hear stories of people getting filthy rich in practically no time and it makes sense, too. Because the Internet hosts space, interaction, shopping, entertainment and much more for billions of people. Where so many people gather, there is money to be made and lots of it.

If you too, want to make it online you need a “Master Plan” to follow and measure your progress against. Join “The Master Plan” – a free membership right here and learn how it all works on the inside:

Let’s be clear however right here: Most people, who try to make money online, will not. Many will replace their day job income and some will make a fortune with incomes reaching millions every year. But really: only a few. Most people who start the venture will at some point lose interest and give up. The time and money they will have invested by then will be lost.

I’m not saying that to scare you or to prevent you from trying, I am saying that to set the record straight. Be warned, making money online is not as easy as some people make you believe in their sales letters… If you enter this venture thinking you’ll work a few hours a week and become a billionaire in the same year, it is not going to happen! If you get into this business, however, thinking this is a job and will (at least) initially require as much – if not more – effort as a regular job, you have a chance.

On this website, I will – among other things –  lay out the possibilities of how to make money online and guide you to your own Master Plan – a plan that will get you from where you are now to where you want to be in 2 years from now. There are so many ways to make money online that the beginning online entrepreneur often gets lost in the big soup. He jumps from idea to opportunity to method to trick – and gets scammed again and again.

The key to success in this business is consistency and focus. You need to define your preferred way of working and then stake out your path to financial freedom. Stick to that plan for at least a year, follow the path, acquire knowledge and experience and often check back to make sure you are still on track.

I’m telling you from my own experience, the greatest danger on your path to riches are not your competitors or the scammers and cheaters. No, you are the greatest risk to yourself. You will get bored, overwhelmed, disappointed and distracted. You will lose sight of your actual target and start to wander off, do different things, start buying products and courses left and right, because they all promise you the fast track to riches. Before you know it, you will be product- and opportunity hopping, buying, evaluating, getting scammed and losing money.

There are really only two methods that get you from where you are now to where you want to be in a year from now: These are coaching and Strict Self Guidance.

If you find a good coach who will take you by the hand, he can show you the ropes, save you from losing time and money on the wrong methods and get you off to a good start. The problem is finding a good coach that really can teach all the subjects that you will want to know about. Often coaches are fixed on their method and are able to teach you their ways. That is good and may work, but it might not be your preferred way of working.

Self guidance on the other hand requires that you be very disciplined all the time. You follow your own plan and hope you are on the right track. You will need to decide whether purchasing this course over the other one will bring you more closely to your target. You will not even be sure whether running that course will help you at all.


That is why I have come up with the solution I call “The Master Plan”.

But what is the Master Plan? Well,

the Master Plan takes your situation into account and stakes out your personal custom made path through acquiring the skills you will need to achieve your target(s).

Let me make an example:

Say Antony is the people guy who knows to work crowds. There is not a technical stitch about him. Ask him to open up his computer and he will short-circuit the house. You know the type… He still wants to make money online, because he heard good things about it. Now, imagine what is going to happen to him when he tries to get through a course on self hosting a tracking solution that he will need to observe a retargeting ad campaign placed on facebook promoting an affiliate offer about who know what. Exactly! He will go belly-up before he finishes the first lesson. Lucky for him that he will only have spent 40 dollars or so before giving up!

Or what should he have done instead? Well, think about it. He loves to schmuse people, he can talk them into anything as long as he can be their friend. So his path will probably involve learning methods on how to find local potential business, leads and selling them a good product. Perhaps he could become an affiliate for an SEO company. He pulls in the business and the SEO specialists run the technical parts. SEO still pays very good money – again and again – recurring. So, let’s say Anthony wants to become a sales’ rep for SEO for local businesses. What would his skill set need to be? Think about it!

Now, let’s take a different example: Bianca. Bianca is a 32 year old mother of 2 boys – 2 and 4. She stays at home looking after the little rascals but feels she could spend some time online assisting the family budget. She has administrating skills, knows the computer pretty well, but no knowledge about online marketing yet. She would love to give affiliate marketing a try. Great! There is a lot of money to made with affiliate marketing. But success does not come over night. There are skills Bianca will need to acquire that will allow her to effectively create campaigns, push traffic and track her success.

So, the Master Plan may be different for every person. It is the road map from skill to skill that eventually leads to a well rounded skilled individual knowing exactly what to do to reach his or her target. That Master Plan will take you by the hand and drop you off at every skill needed for your target. When you have mastered the skill you are taken to the next one and so on. In the process of getting more and more experience, you will probably already start to make your first few dollars here and there.

Because we know ahead of time, which skills will need to be trained, we know approximately how much time it will take to complete each task. If you know how much time you can assign to the Master Plan each week, we can set out a schedule and map your success against the time table as well. That is a very effective tool to keep you focused and on track to success.

In other words, the Master Plan is your personal road map on your way to financial online freedom.

But the Master Plan does not end here. I mentioned before that you need to stay focused and motivated throughout your path. And that is not easy. But it is not easy for everybody! And there are a lot of people who are and will be going through the Master Plan. So, we have a community – a community of motivated people who want to make it online. Great!

Now, you can exchange yourself with equal minded, complain about the tasks and the world, but also get ideas from others to make things easier on you. We have and will have a great community of like minded who are eager to complete their Master Plan. If you want, you can show off how far advanced you already are on your path and how far ahead of (or behind) your schedule you are. Want to compete for show and fame? This community is your platform. Have some fun while you learn and advance on your personal Master Plan.