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The Effect of Minimal Prices in ZeroPark Campaigns

Of course you know that low-balling bidding prices in any kind of paid traffic source will not get you the traffic you desire. Bidding minimal prices in ZeroPark campaigns is no different. The tricky part is that you don’t necessarily know that you are bidding too low. That is because ZeroPark indicates the top bid for […]


The Secret Ingredient on How I Collect a Large Retargeting List for Practically No Money and How I Convert That Into Massive ROIs

I received a mail today from Brad Stephens. He refers to a blog post “Case Study: How I Turned $144 into $915 in a Few Days” on his blog “” (a great blog by the way). It is a great article that explains how Brad uses simple facebook retargeting to build a retargeting audience which allows him […]